Mario Cucinella, Scrigno, YACademy and Arte Sella working together for the environment

The project was selected among those developed during the workshop “A Door to a Better World”. The young designers of YACademy worked under MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects and the architect Cucinella, in the development of a series of creative concepts for Arte Sella dedicated to the theme of sustainability and the future.

The new Arte Sella installation promoted by Scrigno and created by the young designers of YACademy under the guidance of MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects: a nomadic architecture, an invitation to experience the journey and sanctity of the relationship between man and nature. The Journey is the title of the new architectural installation inaugurated today at Arte Sella, the contemporary art park which, in the woods of Valsugana (North-eastern Italy), hosts works of art and architecture.

The architecture of “The Journey” is reminiscent of a curtain: simple profiles grafted onto a base in weighted sheet metal, among other things, with local stones. The structure consists of wooden rods starting from two bases designed on the profile of the golden spiral, meeting at the top. The visitor walks along a ring-shaped path to enter the structure, finding himself in the centre of a sort of observation point leading you to look towards the sky, which is the beginning of the “journey”: once you arrive in the heart of the structure, you are inside in an intimate but “open” space. You can stop, sit down on the boulder taken from the Moggio stream flowing a few metres away, and look towards the sky. In its simplicity, this meeting point between the earth and sky symbolises man’s return to his origins and the precarious and nomadic character of life’s permanence on a constantly changing planet: everyone, to a degree, is aware of their own smallness and transience in this regard.

The entire project was conceived to be “Climate Positive” thus providing for the absorption of more greenhouse gases than those emitted during the construction of the work, embodying the desire to leave new generations with a better world. To this end, the project’s installation was accompanied by restoration and maintenance work in the Val di Sella forests, reforestation by planting new trees of various species – maple, birch, rowan, beech, hornbeam, hazelnut and spruce – in the vicinity of the structure. The installation will therefore leave the territory that hosts it in a better condition than that in which it was found, thus creating a concrete synergy between art and nature. The environmental projects will be carried out within the 12 hectares of the Arte Sella exhibition areas that were severely damaged by the 2018 Vaia storm that hit the valley and the whole Triveneto, crushing millions of trees and disfiguring the mountains. The installation and maintenance works were coordinated by Etifor through the WOWnature initiative.

Typology: Installation
Project: Anna Collatuzzo, Arezoo Mohebpour, Paula Strieder (YACademy)
Team: Anna Collatuzzo, Arezoo Mohebpour, Paula Strieder with Mario Cucinella, Martina Ruini
Promoter: Scrigno
Photo credit: Giacomo Bianchi

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