San Felice sul Panaro Social Health Center

Social Health Center “Nuovo Picchio”

The project is located in a rural landscape, surrounded by the most diverse cultivations, and it was from the observation of this territory that the design concept was identified in the archetype of the barn.

The barn or barchessa, represent the archetype of the house, this involves an immediate association with the house and the house, important features to communicate reassurance to the children who will live there.

The project consists of 4 aggregated bodies, interpenetrated one to the other, creating a unitary internal space but externally perceived with a clear distinction between the volumes; the articulation of the volume is further accentuated by slight differences in height between the volumes and inclination of the pitches.

Jealousy is reinterpreted by developing a “pattern” with a growing gradient, where the intensity of the openings increases from the bottom to the top, with the function of gradually shielding the light.

If, for the form, the territory was observed in the choice of the external covering, an element of innovation was sought, however, remaining bound and attentive to the products offered by the territory.

The covering is a continuous skin, which wraps both the vertical walls and the covering, hiding the gutters and the downspouts, maintaining a clean and well recognizable shape.


Mario Cucinella Architects: Mario Cucinella, Marco Dell’Agli with Mirco Bianchini
Project team: Mirco Bianchini, Francesco Galli, Valentino Gareri, Federico La Piccirella, Clelia Zappalà
Visual: Paris render studio
Photo credit: MCArchive
Mechanical design: Ing.Riccardo Giannoni
Electrical planning: P.S.
Structural design: Engineering Departments
Calculation: Geom. Roberto Guidi
Fire prevention consultancy: Geom. Roberto Guidi
Acoustic advice: Ing. Gabriele Raffellini
Landscaping design: GREENCURE landscape & healing garden


Architectural project: Arch. Mauro Frate
Mechanical design: Ing. Roberto Carboni
Electrical planning: Ing. Diego Caldarini
Structural design: Ing. Sabrina Aldrovandi


Parent company: Baschieri srl
Mandator: Alcide Stabellini srl

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