New terrestrial isthmus connecting the island of Sant’Antioco

Bridge, New terrestrial isthmus connecting the island of Sant’Antioco

The notice deal with the realization of the new connection between the Sant’Antioco isle and the San’t Antioco Ring Road.

The proposal has to be divided in two functional elements: the bridge and the ring road. In the project proposal the main features are the vehicular and pedestrian paths along the extension of the work. These parts are designed with the intention of presenting an architectural element in its linear extension proves of minimum complexity and visual impact.

It is worked with a monochrome casing and by simple and continuous section that has allowed the integration of all structural elements and protection in a shell morphology. the tipping of the coating sheet, following a uniform curvature, takes the form of parapet in the use of the perforated expanded metal. Besides being a quality from the point of view of structural and regional integration, the housing project proposal to shell presents a substantial improvement in terms of repair, minimizing storage of the waste by rains and then the deterioration.

Client: Ghella S.p.A., CMB
Project team: Mario Cucinella, Michele Olivieri, Giovanni Sanna, Francesco Visco, Stefano Bastia. Models: Yuri Costantini, Andrea Genovesi
Structures and M&E: SWS Engineering
Visual: Engram Studio
Photo credit: MCArchive

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