New Hospital of South Salento

The healing power of nature and landscape in hospital design

The tender

The firm MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects, together with AICOM S.p.A., RINA Consulting S.p.A, GAe Engineering S.r.l., Dr. Enzo Rizzato and with the consultancy of MIC - Mobility in Chain, won the tender launched by the Lecce ASL for the feasibility study for the construction of the New Hospital of South Salento.
The facility will be built in the province of Lecce, straddling the two territorial boundaries of the municipalities of Maglie and Melpignano. Bounded to the east by the Lecce-Maglie state road and to the west by the Lecce-Maglie railway line, it will cover an area of approximately 12 hectares and will be located in the Melpignano and Maglie countryside.

The New Hospital of South Salento combines functionality and design: a public hospital facility of excellence within a sustainable architectural structure in dialogue with its context and that really and profoundly thinks about those who will use it.

Site plan by MCA

In the design of the hospital, it was considered fundamental to give equal importance and dignity to the spaces destined for diagnostics, first aid, patient hospitalisation and visitor reception.

A unitary building, even if articulated, whose shape follows the morphology of the long-line area between two road infrastructures.

Visual by MCA

The architecture of the new structure goes beyond the old pavilion model and is divided into three main volumes developed on three above-ground storeys within the limits of the lot.

The design includes large green landscaping elements, real tree-lined hills, which provide additional protection from noise and offer quality views of both the in-patient rooms and the staff working areas.

Model by MCA

The form of the architectural complex follows its function: thus the in-patient areas (300 in-patient beds) and the related diagnostic support activities (including the emergency-urgency area) are allocated in the two bodies to the south, while the out-patient functions (out-patient clinics, dialysis, pre-admission, etc.) are concentrated to the north.

This is also where the mother and childcare area is located, which manages to maintain its own identity and spatial specificity while benefiting from the hospital’s care infrastructure.

Functional diagram of MCA

The bioclimatic project

Graphic Design by MCA

Visual by MCA

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