Mirabello School

Temporary school buildings

The school Mantovani and Gonelli in the Municipality of Mirabello (FE) is an example of “reconstruction” post seismic of high quality, characterized by great attention to the area.

The building covers an area of about 1000 square meters and is organized in three parallel slats of 6 meters, separated by circulation spaces with a width of 4 m. The two schools are physically independent but thanks to a small interior patio is possible the connection between the two school units during events. The classrooms are positioned  in order to ensure a lateral facing outwards and towards the garden and an adequate intake of natural light and ventilation. The central part instead homed offices, blocks services, warehouses and technical rooms. The seven longitudinal and transverse load-bearing elements are made of precast concrete.

The entire complex is based on a simple and modular construction system that allowed a good speed in the process of prefabrication and assembly and that has allowed it to meet the tight timeframe for the construction provided by the notice (45 days).

Type: Competition
Status: Built project
Client: Regione Emilia Romagna
Surface area: 1000 mq
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Rigoberto Arambula, Marco Dell’Agli, Giuseppe Perrone, Hyun Seok Kim. Models: Yuri Costantini
Developer: C.M.C. Prefabbricati srl
Stuctural engeneering: Ing. Giorgio Maria Vismara – Ing. Massimiliano Vernaleone
Mechanical engineering: PI Gino Berganton
Electrical engineering: PI Giordano Fusaro
Photo credit: MCArchive

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