Michelin Research Center

Michelin Research Center

MCA has been selected to take part in the international competition to build a new research center for Michelin, within its Ladoux structure, in Clermont Ferrand.

The proposed building has a development of 300 meters long and crosses, like a bridge, over the main roadway within the site, creating a new connection resembling a bustling city street, a “research boulevard. The idea is that the architecture of the building reflects the fact that it is a place of creativity, scientific innovation and social interaction.

All the offices and laboratories look into the central space that is both an architectural feature and a fundamental element of the environmental strategy. Above the atrium an active shading roof gives form to the building and filters light while producing solar energy. The workspaces are conceived as organic cells that are aggregated as necessary to give maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Type: International Competition by Invitation
Client: Groupe Michelin
Surface Area: 53 121 m2 SHON
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Stefano Massa with Alessandro Gazzoni, Riccardo Minghini, Michele Oliveri, Linda Larice, Hyun Kim, Caterina Michelini, Giupeppe Perrone, Susana Tundo, Debora Venturi, Alessio Rocco
Consultents: Denis Ameil – Cabinet Denis AMEIL; Piero Castiglioni – Piero Castiglioni Srl
Structural engineering: GEC Ingenierie
Mechanical and electrical engineering: GEC Ingenierie BET TCE & HQE, TIFS Ing
Landscaping: AIA Atelier de la rize
Lighting : Castiglioni
Visual: Engram Studio

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