A multi-sensory experience

Iris Ceramica Group and the young architects of SOS – School of Sustainability are working with Mario Cucinella on a project that began in Bologna with “Pollution 2018 – RefleAction”, bringing the installation MateriAttiva to the Brera Design District.

The project offered visitors a multi-sensory experience guiding them through a space evoking a new pact between humans and nature. The theme of the Brera Design District at FuoriSalone 2019, “Design Your Life”, was an opportunity to experiment with the use of new generation eco-active materials, our allies in the construction of spaces that improve human wellbeing while contributing to the future of the planet.

The exhibition evoked the theme of the cave, a place of primordial purity where we rediscover the elements from which life takes shape, making visible the intrinsic properties of matter through the action of light, water and sound: .just as the properties of infinitesimally tiny elements can have effects on a much larger scale, the coordinated action of multiple individuals can achieve forms of collective intelligence.

After crossing the threshold, the visitor immersed himself in an individual path marked by a succession of ceramic stalactites, where an intimate atmosphere, rendered by the sound of drops falling on a thin veil of water, generated small effects of light. The passage to the second room was intended as a “re-emergence” from the cave to rediscover a social dimension of the visit experience. The breath of the tree, the protagonist of the central space, recalled the need to be inspired by the hidden mechanisms of nature in conceiving the materials that allow us to live in harmony with it. The installation was completed by a teaser at the main entrance.

Location: Brera Design District
Type: Installation
Client: Iris Ceramica Group
Project: SOS – School of Sustainability with Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Andrea Rossi, Valentina Porceddu, Valentina Torrente (MC A) Massimo Imparato, Carlo Maria D’Amico, Martina Bertoncini, Ilaria Colombo, Filippo Corti, Martina Diano, Elisabetta Fiorenza, Luca Genualdo, Lorenzo Porcelli, Stefano Rosso, Elena Todescato, Lori Zillante, Giovanna Tirocchi (SOS)
Photo credit: Iris Ceramica Group
Visual: Alessia Monacelli

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