Masterplan UNICEM

The overall design of the abandoned Unicem Cement

The plan provides the overall design of the abandoned Unicem Cement factory near the old town of Piacenza. The proposal defines a system of main roads and most of building divisions, giving greater importance to a pedestrian axis (the current ” viale dei tigli”), understood as the axis of connection and as a system of piazze and streets.

The plan defines a hierarchy of spaces, roads and paths. The heart of the project is represented by a piazza which faces urban commercial activities (shops, bars, restaurants) and where the existing building recalls the historical memory of the cement works.

Client: Orion Srl
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis (architect in charge), Andrea Gardosi, Cristina Garavelli, Matteo Lucchi, Davide Paolini, Filippo Taidelli.
Wind Analysis: Cardiff University
Visual: MCArchive

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