Khodynka Park

Towards a sustainable tomorrow

Is a collaboration between Italian and Deutch architects (Andreas Kipar LAND Milano, Mario Cucinella, MCA, Thomas Schonauer, LEFTLOFT) the design of the new Khodynka park in Moscow, which will be built in the north township of the city, in an area of 42 acres formerly occupied by the former military airport.

At the time when architecture and society urgently need to reconsider more broadly their relationship with the natural world and move towards a more sustainable future, the project of the new «Khodynskoye pole» park offers a unique opportunity to redefine the meaning of an integrated park in a contemporary, sustainable society.

ll the Design is inspired by nature and land art, and the general approach is  exploring mankind’s desire to reconnect to the earth, through the built environment. All pavilions are designed to be discovered by visitors. The design overlaps each functional aspect with the plot and the mistery of the park.

MCA has been involved in the design of particular elements of the park such as the metro entrance, the park and boulevard pavilions and the sports center.

Client: JSC «INTECO» and The Moscow Architecture and Urban Planning
Surface: 38 ha
Landscape Design (team leader): LAND Milano srl; designer Andreas Kipar
Architectures: Mario Cucinella Architects
MC A Team: Mario Cucinella, Riccardo Minghini (project leader), Eurind Caka, Alberto Menozzi, Gabriele Motta, Enrico Pintabona
Graphic Design: Left Loft
Artist: Thomas Schönauer
Visual: Cristian Chierici – CC 79

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