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KABOOM is the event that changed the face of Piazza dell’Unità in Bologna on the 12th and 13th of September 2020.

The pavilion shaped the square and turned it into a space for active engagement with the citizens, where training activities as well as collective debates took place and a renewed approach to Circular Economy was promoted.  The event talked about the creation of regenerative cultural spaces where the “take-make-dispose” model can evolve towards the “reduce-reuse –recycle” concept.

Visitors interacted with a temporary architecture mainly made of up-cycling materials (used IBC water-tanks) that were installed according to an exhibition layout: the tour of the pavilion guided users in a new understanding of waste as material that can be used and valued during the creative process, so that can return back to the course of our everyday life.

For the Bologna’s edition, the team of young architects and designers from SOS – School of Sustainability involved the community in a public event demonstrating how to generate new value starting from the cheapest and most invasive material: plastic. Citizens brought their own plastic and discovered its history, evolution, and best practices for a more efficient and creative management. Short movies and dialogues between protagonists of the city and the territory helped to question what relationship we want to build between people, the economy and the environment.

The most iconic part of the two-day events was the 3D printer Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0, that during a “live” performance showed the production of urban furniture objects, the “Bal8” set, designed by SOS team for the city of Bologna: made of scrap material from plastic’s recycling process, they were also used by people at the event.

The change in Bologna has finally been triggered: now is the time for KABOOM to look beyond and promote its message also in other contexts.

Location: Piazza dell’Unità
Type: Installation
Project: SOS – School of Sustainability and Mario Cucinella Architects
Project Team: Mario Cucinella, Martina Ruini (MCA), Lorenzo Abate, Giulia Cenciarelli, Enrico Ferri, Benedetta Mingardi (SOS); in collaboration with: Stefano Giovacchini (SOS); Michele Olivieri e Kseniya Shkroban (MCA)
Event team: Martina Ruini (MCA), Lorenzo Abate, Giulia Cenciarelli, Sara Cerutti, Enrico Ferri, Fabrizio Forasassi, Mauro Maglietta, Benedetta Mingardi, Alejandra Osorio Restrepo, Monica Palladino (SOS); in collaboration with: Stefano Giovacchini (SOS); Yuri Costantini (MCA)
Patronage of: Comune di Bologna – Quartiere Navile
Technical Partner: WASP
Partners: BFS – Bologna Fiere Servizi, SCART, r3direct, FIU – Fondazione Innovazione Urbana, BackBo, ReMida Bologna Terre d’Acqua, Orplast Packaging
Visual: SOS – School of Sustainability
Photo credit: Francesco Paolucci for MCA; Margherita Caprilli for Fondazione Innovazione Urbana

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