Forlì University Campus

Forlì University Campus

A reading of the site as a park, an accessible urban meeting place, defines the project – second prize in the international competition organized by the city of Forlì – for the transformation of the Morgagni hospital into a university campus.

The intervention, which occupies an area of 34,000 square meters at a cost of 40 million euros, involves the redefinition of the original core of the hospital, the location of new buildings corresponding to those that have been torn down, and the preservation of existing trees. A cut in the ground marks the location of new blocks of classrooms below the soil line, while the auditorium, rising above ground, marks the presence of the intervention.

Type: International Competition
Client: City of Forlì
Surface area: 34 000 m2
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Edoardo Badano, Francesco Bombardi, Emmanuela Carli, Enrico Contini, Glenn O’Brien, Giovanna Latis, James Tynan
Structural engineering: TPE Ingegneria
Mechanical engineering: OVE Arup & Partners
Photo Credit: MCArchive

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