Expo 2015 Granarolo Pavillon

Exhibition hall and store Expo 2015

The exhibition aims to explore the theme of milk as a creative principle and wants to reflect on the meaning of this food as a first nutrient source for man. For this reason, the project takes the form of an artificial galaxy able to welcome visitors of Expo 2015 in a mysterious environment that is necessary to explore step by step, an interactive experience that is transformed during the time of the visit. The project employs translucent surfaces to design an immaterial, fluid and continuous exhibition space.

The pavilion is transfigured into a cavity formed by overlying layers of organic semi-transparent membranes that fold back on themselves following curvilinear geometries in order to expand the vertical surface and thicken the exhibition space. At the same time the path of the exhibition is divided into several thematic areas that facilitate the reading of the space and the different contents of the communication. The aim is to maximize the visitor experience, interaction and entertainment, as the experiential dimension is conveyed primarily by the same architectural design.

Type: Commessa
Client:  Granarolo S.p.A.
Architectural Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella,  Julissa Gutarra, Gabriele Motta, Emanuele Dionigi, Daniele Morelli, Pietro Marziali, Arianna Balboni, Alberto Casarotto, Fabrizio Bonatti, Giulia Pentella. Models: Yuri Costantini
Multimedia: Tarpini Production
Visual: AL_A; Level
Photo credit: Moreno Maggi
Customization Frigovetrine: EPTA Design
Structural Engineering: ILTEC Design – Giuseppe Cecinato Enginering
Mechanical Engineering: ILTEC Design – Per. Ind. Milo Rozzarin
Electrical Engineering: ILTEC Design – PROEL Studio Tecnico Associato (Per. Ind. Massimo Ghesini)
Fire Consulting: IDF Studio (Ing. Andrea Luppi)
Acustic: Studio Raff srl (Ing. Gabriele Raffellini)

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