We do not only design for the next generation, we design with the next generation.

Founded by Mario Cucinella, Clara Conti (SAIB), Federica Minozzi (Iris Ceramica Group Foundation) and managed by Giacomo Maniscalco, SOS - School of Sustainability Foundation - is a school for young professionals and recent graduates that focuses on the application of sustainable architecture and design to give future decisions makers the tools necessary to tackle the environmental issues that are emerging globally with an open-minded, holistic, research-driven, and human-centered approach.

SOS offers a comprehensive post-graduate program that integrates education, research and practice combining principles with a practice-based approach to the design and application of the most advanced methods, processes and tools.

The SOS Master’s Program is a training opportunity distinguished by its main focus on the application of sustainable architecture, from urban to product scale, from developing to advanced communities.

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SOS, serving as a nexus for the exchange of knowledge in the building industry and the community, aims at providing the highest quality practice-based experience to the next generation of professionals.

Education can no longer operate as something separate from professional practice. Designers, architects and urban planners are called on to take urgent action. In order to turn human environments into ecosystems, we need to re-define our approach and re-shape our work methods; what is required is more of a cultural than a technological shift.

To prepare recent graduates to really face environmental issues that are emerging globally, it is indeed necessary to equip them with new competencies and skills. Therefore the School develops a culture of responsible and sustainable design methods, processes and practices through an innovative and visionary approach.

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Through its unique curriculum, the SOS Master’s Program in Sustainable Architecture and Design, is conceived as an “academy of practice”, where students learn how to work by doing research and are overall prepared to tackle the environmental issues that are emerging globally.
The 9 month post-graduate program consists of two phases which exemplify Mario Cucinella’s philosophy of bringing theory and practice together:
1. Foundation Courses
2. Project Tracks

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SOS is a place where students can become part of an active community with the goal of bringing about a better future.

All foundations courses are taught by professionals with a high level of expertise in the specific areas covered which feeds into our practical approach also within the classroom with systematic case and project studies, group work and review.

SOS students have the unique opportunity of fully becoming part of MCA during their studies, having the opportunity to work on projects with the supervision of MCA professionals as well as SOS high level industry partners.

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