Otranto Maritime Station

Otranto Maritime Station

The new ferry terminal was commissioned by the administration of Otranto following a competition.

It stands within a redevelopment of the harbor and the creation of a new pedestrian area designed to link the port to the historic city center.

The building is located in a unique historical and scenic context, anchored to a rocky spur that descends toward the docks and the sea, stretching to the line of sixteenth century fortifications. The surface of the building clad entirely in local stone from Lecce, sawed by hand to give the building the appearance of a mass of rock detached from the cliff.

Type: International Competition – winner project
Promoter: CEE, Comune de Otranto, interreg program
Building Area: 3 000 m2; Site Area: 8.000 m2
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Edoardo Badano, Francesco Bombardi, James Tynan, Danilo Vespier
Structural engineering: Pierpaolo Cariddi, Alfredo Ferramosca
Mechanical engineering: Roberto Calà
Electrical engineering: Luigi Ricciardi
Site Team: Mario Cucinella, Pierpaolo Cariddi, Alfredo Ferramosca, Roberto Calà, Luigi Ricciardi
Main Contractor: Monticava Strade Srl
Civil Works: Edilcostruzioni Srl
Metal Structure: Bizzarro Giuseppe
Stone Facades: Bianco Cave Srl
Paving: Romano Pietra de Soleto
Photo credit: Jean de Calan, MCArchive

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