New Roma Tre University Rectorate

A university campus to regenerate one of Rome's neighborhoods

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The project is an example of educational architecture in which flexibility and spatial fluidity became essential characterizing elements. The spaces follow the idea of “diffusion” in the plant world, designed to interact with each other while nonetheless remaining autonomous.

Positioned on Via Ostiense, a road that dates to ancient Rome, the new complex was born of a project financing operation that has provided an excellent opportunity to regenerate one of the city’s neighborhoods. The project is part of a later phase of new development along the ancient thoroughfare, in continuity with the historically industrial nature of the area still characterized by the gasometers.

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Thus, taking cues from the nearby industrial architecture, the new university headquarters consists of three ellipsoidal towers rising from a large covered public piazza that faces onto Via Ostiense with a fully glazed facade. Above, a large hanging garden links the three towers and acts as a second, semi-public piazza for the office occupants and others at the university and as a space for events. From an urban design standpoint, the covered street-level piazza provides public pedestrian access to the neighboring areas and its role as a gathering place.

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Two piazzas and the interior vertical circulation at those levels link the three towers. The ground floor and first floor levels of the towers contain reception spaces, pedestrian traffic distribution, and public access points for university services. The tallest building hosts the Aula Magna on the second floor and the management offices on the floors above, up to the eighth floor. The other two towers host the remaining university administrative offices, from the second floor to the top floor.

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Interior view of the rectorate building

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Both the Aula Magna and the offices overlook the hanging garden marking the separation between outdoor spaces open to the public and those that belong to the university. The green acts as a distribution element and a visual buffer. The transparency of the three volumes contributes to ensuring a continuous dialogue between the two main exterior spaces and the interior spaces.

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The bioclimatic project

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