New School of Pacentro

An example of innovative and safe school

The idea of the project stems from the desire to create, first of all, a place for meeting, sharing and exchanging ideas: a sort of large square dedicated to individual and group growth, colourful and bright and flexible, where nature can enter and guide the gaze, where light penetrates filtered by the surrounding vegetation and therefore changeable in colors and tones according to the rhythm of the seasons.

An architecture with a circular shape that recalls Munari’s famous phrase “the first thing a child draws looks like a circle”, which fits almost mimicking the surrounding Apennine landscape. An artificial “dune” surrounds the building like a ring, gradually revealing it to the view of those who approach along the access path.

The building of about 800 m2 distributed on a single floor will house eight classrooms, five for elementary school, and three for secondary school, for a total of about one hundred students.
Starting from the large central atrium of the square, all the other spaces of the school, classrooms, and laboratories will be generated, designed following the concept of teaching based on the theory of the “learning landscape”, with visible and structured interior spaces for learning, flexible and with transparent walls with learning areas released from the traditional classroom concept.


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