COIMA Headquaters

Porta Nuova Milano

The project proposal for the new COIMA Headquarters completes the area of Porta Nuova placing a dual purpose: firstly to be a highly representative intervention to support the activities of the executive; secondly, connect the urban space with the adjacent park taking shape as a gateway and scenic backdrop.

Starting from this assumption the project explores the theme of synthesis between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’ both in formal and environmental deal. Furthermore, the comparison between the scale of the operation and the pre-existing volumes has suggested the search for a design solution characterized by a strong aesthetic and volumetric unitary.

The new project was conceived as a unique example in which the pace of the big portals, creates a lar­ge pergola that overlooks the park. The intention is not to propose a more “character” in a place where, present architectures are already strong and full of symbolism. The horizontal building de­fines a scan, a pace that “hosts” the functions, offices and an auditorium / asylum, and a square that becomes the access portal to the park and from the park. Simplicity, rhythm and essentiality are the characteristics of a large Milanese ar­chitectural culture that has made school.

Type: Invitation design competition – winner project (2013)
Customer: COIMA
Surface: 2,400 square meters
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Giulio Desiderio, Julissa Gutarra, Riccardo Minghini with Alberto Menozzi, Martina Buccitti, Enrico Pintabona, Daniele Morelli, Luca Stramigioli, Rachid Hicheri, Giuseppe Perrone. Models: Yuri Costantini, Andrea Genovesi
Competition: Luca Sandri, Alberto Casarotto, Alberto Bruno
Consultants: MSC (structures), Studio Ariatta (installations), group C14 (casing illumination), J & A (consultants)
Landscaping design: GREENCURE landscape & healing garden
General Contractor: Colombo Costruzioni
Construction Manager: Giorgio Ceruti
Rendering: Engram Studio; MIR; group C14
Photography: Paolo Riolzi
Interior Design: COIMA Image with Gensler

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