ARPT Headquarters

An icon where traditional and modern combine

The project is inspired by the Algerian desert landscape where the dunes appear as ‘natural’ buildings, constructed by wind and sand.

An analysis of the urban fabric, the location of the lot along a thoroughfare of great significance and above all the new urban park to overlooking Bab Ezzouar, offer the opportunity to create a highly visible and symbolic building. An institutional building providing a new home for ARPT should serve as a point of reference within its neighborhood and a city where tradition and modernity merge to create new symbolic and cultural scenarios.

The project proposes a highly iconic building far from the predominant aesthetics of the area, exploiting its direct contact with the new park. For this reason the project proposal draws a highly iconic building far from the predominant aesthetics of the area and which exploits the direct contact with the new park. It emerges from the desire to create a building that works according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture, and in particular by the natural cooling techniques of the past, such as the tu’rat, has suggested an aerodynamic shape, convex on the North to divert hot winds at midday, and concave to capture the cool breezes at night, and thus promoting the natural ventilation of the building.

Type: International Competition – winner project
Client: Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Télécommunications
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Luca Sandri, Rachid Hicheri, Fabrizio Bonatti, Paolo Greco, Angelo Ungarelli, Francesca Fochi, Augusta Zanzillo, Marta Bordi, Daniele Morelli, Alberto Bruno, Alberto Casarotto, Giulia Mariotti, Michele Olivieri, Rossana Romano, Irene Sapienza, Giuseppe Perrone. Models: Yuri Costantini
Management: Giulia Floriani, Eugenio Roncacci
Strutture: Milan Ingegneria
M.E.P: Manens-Tifs
Visual: Mir, Sebastian Beldean

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