World Economic Forum: an eco-friendly 3D-printed house, known as a TECLA

11 Feb 2021

1 min

From worldeconomicforum

An eco-friendly 3D-printed house, known as a TECLA, under construction in Ravenna, Italy.

The house, made entirely from recyclable materials recovered from local soil samples, is manufactured by @3dwasp and is adaptable to any climate or context. A TECLA takes 200 hours to print and uses 7000 machine codes, 350 layers of 12mm, 150 km of extrusion and 60 cubic meters of natural materials.

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects and engineered by WASP.

#3dprinting #technology #innovation #environment #sustainability

WASP/Handout via REUTERS @mario_cucinella_architects

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