The Wall: Sustainable Thinking Evolution exhibition

11 Apr 2019

3 min

Press release

The Wall: Sustainable Thinking Evolution
from 12th April at the Museo Novecento, Florence
The exhibition that shows how sustainability evolves throughout history
through materials and architecture.

A site specific project conceived by Sergio Risaliti
curated by Mario Cucinella Architects and SOS – School of Sustainability.

Florence 11th April 2019 – The fourth appointment that the Museo Novecento in Florence, dedicates to The Wall it’s about the theme of sustainability, with Sustainable Thinking Evolution, exhibition curated by Mario Cucinella Architects and SOS – School of Sustainability.

The exhibition is part of the sustainable Thinking event, organized by the Ferragamo Museum and the Ferragamo Foundation to draw attention to increasingly current issues of sustainability in its various forms: from the environment to the urban landscape, from reuse to innovation and experimentation technology.

Sustainable Thinking Evolution is a “horizontal story” how the relationship between mankind and nature, which is the basic concept of Sustainability, focusing on innovation trends in the field of construction materials and Architecture. The same narrative evolves throughout the six-month exhibition: the timeline portrays three macro-periods where a succession of facts, events, discoveries and new ideas that contributed to Sustainable Thinking Evolution gradually follow each other. Over the months a series of workshops will be organized for young people, students and professionals of the sector.

What does “sustainable architecture” mean? «We have taken up the challenge to tackle this complex and multifaceted topic by reviewing the whole history of the relationship between man and nature, whose evolution has fueled innovation in the field of architecture and materials – told architect Mario Cucinella founder of Mario Cucinella Architects and SOS – School of Sustainability. – Looking at the past, man in situations of crisis has always been able to produce great innovations and trasform a criticality into an opportunity. For example, we have creating innovations on materials use of building materials derived from natural or waste sources or design products that make use of local craftsmanship. This is a very timely subject, in an age where climate change is challenging all our most solid certainties».

The sustainable thinking arose before the word itself, as a story of a delicate balance. A balance that has initially experienced moments of harmony, especially during prehistory and in the ancient world, with nature being an authentic source of inspiration for both the arts and the culture from this period. Today we are faced with a timeless challenge forcing us to tackle the climatic emergency. This is what led to a worldwide mobilization of young people in March 2019, with the so-called “Fridays for Future”.

All projects of Mario Cucinella Architects stand out for the way they integrate technology, climate adaptation and environmental strategies. The aim is to create buildings with a reduced environmental impact, in line with the EU targets for 2020 and 2030. In 2015, architect Mario Cucinella has created the post-graduate school SOS – School of Sustainability , oriented to the training of a new generation of professionals in the field of sustainability, for the great global challenges in the economic, environmental and social fields.

The exhibition is part of the Thinking Substainable project, in collaboration with the Ferragamo Foundation and the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. The project is possible thanks to the support of Intesa Sanpaolo.


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