The Other Space: Mario Cucinella’s journey to be shown at the Bologna Film Library on January 25, 2019

17 Dec 2018

2 min

The documentary film produced by Someone and RAI CINEMA and directed by Marcello Pastonesi and Carlo Furgeri Gilbert follows architect Mario Cucinella’s journey through the innermost parts of Italy in the pursuit of that tangible and intangible knowledge that has always been part of the country’s DNA throughout its millenarian history. These areas are home to the arts, crafts, and knowledge that have led to the development of our cities with their architecture and squares, of our cultural heritage and, later, the manufacturing industry.

A land in-between, a pier that stretches out into the Mediterranean, where the traditional contrast between north and south fades away to reveal an archipelago, where Italy’s innermost parts are the islands. This journey aims at creating a seamless dialogue between the past and the future. A combination that contemporary architecture can express without getting trapped in the golden cage of history. Mario Cucinella’s journey starts in Venice and continues through the Alps, the Apennines, and the islands. Throughout this journey, he encounters different people with a story to tell. Like the shepherd who still practices transhumance in Alta Murgia in Apulia, or the painter who tells stories through her murals on the houses of Orgosolo in Sardinia, or the population of Gibellina, Sicily, the town rebuilt after the Belice earthquake, rich in works of art of great value that however lie incomplete and abandoned. Then, there’s the Camaldolese monk – whose order has been taking care of the Casentino Forests between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna for over a thousand years – and the “lone eagles” from all over the world, who have left the big cities to work in Colletta di Castelbianco, Liguria, thanks to the visionary project of Europe’s first telematic village.
And the list goes on.

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