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16 Nov 2020

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Seimilano is a new, first-rate residential district of Milan designed by Mario Cucinella Architects that is full of amenities, green areas, shops and co-working spaces. It challenges stereotypical ideas about historic city centres and suburban areas

“Is it possible that we are unable to build a beautiful contemporary city?” That is the question that architect Mario Cucinella has responded to with Seimilano, the new class-A district with 1,000 apartments now under construction in Bisceglie, and located just 12 metro stops from Milan’s Piazza Duomo. The project dates back to well before the pandemic, and yet it seems to have anticipated the growing need for terraces and attractive outdoor spaces organised for people to socialise in safely.

With all its amenities, green areas, shops and co-working spaces, the complex extends along a central pedestrian boulevard, at one end of which is a small tertiary area, overlooking the Bisceglie metro station. It features a series of small tower blocks (all different) that add interest and help people get their bearings.

The built-up area, which covers a good 330,000 square metres, will also benefit from the 16-hectare municipal park – larger than Parco Sempione – being laid out right next to the new development. This is the work of French designer Michel Desvigne, who was inspired by Lombardy’s typical farming landscape, with fields bordered by rows of trees and irrigation streams.

The Seimilano project is an initiative of Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners, with an investment of over 250 million euros and due for completion in 2022. It is aimed mainly at young couples: it has plenty of sport and play areas, cycle paths and allotments. There will also be a crèche and a nursery school. Prices are very affordable for Milan: around 3,300 euros per square metre for private and 2,900 euros for subsidised housing.

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