The Architects Series: a documentary on MC A (Video)

16 Jul 2019

1 min

The Architects Series, is a format curated by The Plan, rides on the wave of the success of the web series, raising the stakes and featuring well-known Italian and international design studios on the screen. The format presenting a number of architectural studios in an original way, including both world-renowned professionals and emerging young talents. The series of “shorts” illustrates the most dynamic and creative aspects of the architectural approach through a number of authoritative voices in architecture.

The guest of honor at the first event was MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects.

Mario Cucinella presents himself in an original storytelling video, starting with his sources of inspiration, describing his studio, his design philosophy, his approach and working methods. Empathy, creativity and sustainability, the architect’s three essential keywords, are expressed in all his projects, in his professional practice, and in his relations with partners and clients. Cucinella will discuss his ideas about architecture and the architect’s profession through a presentation of a number of projects completed and currently underway. The architect plays a difficult role involving a lot of responsibility, with important social and environmental implications, a task of continual refinement through the many “worlds” a project passes through on its way from being a mere idea to being “what you see”. In the hopes of seeing greater involvement of architects in the development of the city and society, studio MC A opposes formalism, excessive simplification, and standardisation of architectural types, and embraces creative empathy, a concept comprising the studio’s entire philosophy, guaranteeing creation of quality, sustainable buildings which are integrated into the environment and society.

Enjoy the view!

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