Sustainability is a lighthouse

23 Nov 2018

2 min

Think of children: when they are little and start speaking, they learn a word and use it for everything; to me that word in architecture is sustainability, they put it anywhere, it is impossible. In here sustainability is the lighthouse…

Sustainability is a slightly complicated word because it encompasses thousands meanings: the point is critical because over last years sensitivity increased a lot and the perception people have has changed: from customers to industries also politics need this word to become a real instrument for a change. But this word like all words is extremely abused of, it is being talked about it a lot so that it seems there is nothing more to do as we’ve already said everything. Actually we said everything but we have done nothing; the effort we must do over next years is because we want to live better in our towns, we want to live well, we want to live in a place where the relation we have with nature changes radically. In the awareness of our presence we must think over this relation: we had a domination relation, in the humanism the human being was at the centre of the world, hence nature is a tool for use, I utilize it because I taken the materials, I deforest, I take water, I light a fire, nature is a tool. We have reached the end of the millennium now and question is we cannot go on like this anymore, we have to reinterpret the vision of our time in function of this relation because the consequence of what we call development has many drawbacks people have understood this. Now sustainability is not a talk of an elite discussing about this problem. It has become a problem of everybody.


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