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05 Jul 2021

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Iride is the new family of indoor and outdoor projectors, born from the collaboration between Lucifero’s and Mario Cucinella Design

The word iride comes from the Latin iris, which means rainbow. Made up of a pigmented tissue that gives color to the eyes, the main function of the iris is to regulate the amount of light that enters the eye, varying the diameter of the pupil that widens or shrinks according to the brightness of the environment. In low light conditions, the dilator muscle of the iris causes the pupil to dilate and allows more light to reach the retina. When the environment is too bright, however, the pupil shrinks so that less light reaches the retina, allowing for better vision.


“Iride is a family of projectors that are a metaphor for our eye and for the sensitivity we have towards light, an essential element and beating heart of every environment”, explains architect Mario Cucinella. From the encounter between the design experience of his studio and Lucifero’s lighting know-how has created an object with a minimal design, which seeks greater functionality and versatility of the light emitted into space. The result of a series of observations on the human eye, in which the iris and diaphragm have the function of regulating the quantity of light emitted into the eye or lens, thus giving rise to the idea of ​​a projector inspired by the world of photography, whose aesthetics can be traced back to the design of the adjustment dials found in the cameras.

The projector has been designed to adapt to all environments thanks to the combination of colors and finishes available. The essential design fits transversally into all contexts to meet the most diverse lighting needs. The collection consists of different sizes and elements. The die-cast body is customizable and available on request in different colors to match the snooter in chrome, black and bronze finish. The range is completed by accessories and filters that enrich the lighting engineering possibilities of the product. The set back light effect generates an adjustable emission that guarantees greater visual comfort and anti-glare.

Iride is available in two different fixing methods: track version, on three-phase electrified tracks or with circular base mounted on the ceiling or wall, a solution, the latter, which offers ample adjustment possibilities thanks to the movement on a double axis of rotation. The track projectors are available in two finishes: black and white; while the surface mounted model is available in multiple colors for better customization.

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