Road To Design Week Mexico 2018

14 Sept 2018

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Mexico City has been selected as World Design Capital 2018, it is an official appointment assigned to cities that are recognized to be an example in areas such as sustainability, creative economy, design, architecture, urbanization and identity.
In recent years Mexico City has shown a passion and an enthusiasm for design. Modern programs of communication, security and bike sharing have been developed, as well as new urban gardens and playgrounds. Renovation takes place in low-income areas around the city, which are being transformed, thus improving people’s lives through design.

Mario Cucinella will fly to Mexico City for the Mexico Design Week from 10th to 12th October 2018.
Following appointments:

Tuesday, October 9th
at 3:00 pm, UNAM, Teatro Arq. Carlos Lazo
Lectio Magistralis “Creative Empathy”

Wednesday, October 10th
3.00 pm at Mexico College of Architects CAM
Round table “Sustainability in urban spaces”

Thursday, October 11th
11:00 am, Archivo Diseño and Arquitectura Museum
Upon the occasion of the presentation of INTERNI magazine, debate between Mario Cucinella and designer Hector Esrawe.

Friday, October 12th
11:00 am, Foro Chapultepec
Design Week Conference “Journey through the profession of the architect: from the idea to sustainable innovation”
The nature, the place and the respective social and cultural implications as primary sources of inspiration, are necessary elements to design a “human scale” architecture, able to satisfy the needs and demands of the society. This is the basis of Mario Cucinella’s journey through the craft of the architect. The architectural and urban design in continuity with sustainable innovation, bioclimatic solutions and rational use of resources must be integrated with aesthetics and ethics.

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