NYCxDesign: HUMAN SPACES, The new codes of contemporary living

10 May 2019

2 min

On 20th May 2019 (h 6.00 p.m.) at the Italian Consulate General in New York, Mario Cucinella will be one of the speakers at: “HUMAN SPACES, the new codes of contemporary living“. Event organized by Interni Magazine on the occasion of NYCxDesign, the annual celebration of design in New York City that attracts hundreds of thousands of participants and designers around the world.

The recent developments regarding climate change and social crises with an impact on humankind and the planet prompt reflections and the rethinking of anthropocentric culture. Technology, industrialization and uncontrolled growth of big cities bring many benefits but also sizeable damages, where perhaps the main danger is loss of collective identity.
But the extraordinary force of humanity lies in taking stock of the situation, reasoning and taking action. And the new architect-demiurge, with the world of design in general, can take a decisive position by making the most appropriate and innovative choices.

Italy has been a leader in major phases of culture, history and art, and the humanism of the great Italian masters, from Filippo Brunelleschi to Leonardo da Vinci, for whom this year marks the 500th anniversary of his death, made a fundamental contribution to the rebirth of values and codes from which we still benefit today. Our present period, in which it becomes essential to put human beings and their values back as a central focus, needs new protagonists to implement a New Humanism that reinterprets the contradictions of the contemporary through the harmonies of the past, identifying new codes and new proportions.

This is the focus of the debate of “HUMAN SPACES, the new codes of contemporary living” a discussion that will involve acclaimed designers and protagonists of the world of architecture, including:


  • Mario Cucinella, Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Natuzzi
  • Piero Lissoni, Lissoni Associati
  • Jeffrey Beers, Jeffrey Beers International
  • Adam D. Tihany, Tihany Design


  • Francesco Genuardi, Consul General Of Italy In New York
  • Gilda Bojardi, Editor-In-Chief, Interni Magazine


  • Federico Rampini, writer, correspondent of La Repubblica in New York

20th May 2019 h 6.00 p.m. – Italian General Consulate – 690 Park Avenue, New York

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