New University of Valle d’Aosta: work continues

17 Jul 2019

1 min

The work continues on the construction of the new University of Valle d’Aosta.

The construction site, opened in March 2015, has completed all the planned demolitions, the reinforced concrete of the building “Zerboglio” have been set on place and the east facade has been completed. The installation of the west façade, one of the most complex and unique currently in Italy, is also under going. It is composed of a series of curves that “describe and enhance the concave and convex surfaces”.

The building site will return a structure of 6 floors, 2 of which will be underground and 4 will be developed in height. The building under construction, once finished, will be a block full of curves and inspired by the stratified formation of glaciers. Almost at the end of the “skeleton” of the structure, the grouping of companies has already started the internal finishing of the basement floors and the installation of the systems, always starting from the underground portion.

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