MC D – Mario Cucinella Design presents Arcipelago, the exhibition within a handbag

19 Jan 2021

2 min

MC D – Mario Cucinella Design promotes a new line of products “MC D for Recycling” presenting the newborn Arcipelago bag.

The object designed by the architect and designer Mario Cucinella, was born thanks to the recycling of fabrics used during the “Arcipelago Italia” exhibition, created for the Italian Pavillion during the Biennale of Architecture 2018 in Venice. The story of the exhibition project was about a journey where architecture becomes the tool to discover places, landscapes and communities. While going through the exhibition space, visitors could take took part into an emotional and inclusive narrative, revealed in eight books where contemporary projects alternate old villages, roads and landscapes, expressing the mood of these territories.

Putting back in good use the fabrics covering the eight books and transforming them in a new handcraft, gives life to a new functional recycling process which creates a new illustrated and single object. Each handbag represents a scrap from Arcipelago Italia, and contains some part of the steps crossed during the exhibition.

The Bag is completely Made in Italy and is already available in two versions, a double crossbody bag and a tote bag. Each piece is unique and hand made.

The Arcipelago tote is the proposal from MC D for Recycling, to the classical tote bag. It is audacious and sustainable, conceived with strong hands, internally lined with two pockets, giving much space for belongings. Arcipelago tote is unisex and ideal for everyday usage.

The Arcipelago bag, unisex, stylish and handy is perfectly suitable for work or school. The bag is provided with a double shoulder strap, usable as a handbag, including a rear strap tailored for a trolley. Internally lined with a front pocket with a zip, Arcipelago is a strong and long-lasting bag.

«A change in lifestyle and approach to consumption is not only desirable but necessary for our planet to survive. The road to take is the one of recycling and reuse – says Mario Cucinella. While working on the creation of the Arcipelago bag together with Antonella and Bianca, members of our design team, we felt the need to give life to a new line of products from the concept of creative recycling (upcycling) to a due action towards the environment.»

Arcipelago is the first of the new line of products Mario Cucinella Design for Recycling. Other creations will be presented in the next few months.

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