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21 Nov 2019

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On November 17, 2019, Mario Cucinella was met with Zhang Dayu, Director of the Center, Li Chunqing, Associate Dean of School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Beijing Jianzhu University, Professor Fu Fan at the 2019 Beijing International Urban Design Conference hosted by Beijing Future City Design Center, and discussed in-depth about the problems existing in the process of urbanization in China and the importance of green buildings in the future. Mario Cucinella’s research and perspective on building sustainability coincide with the architectural green city advocated by Beijing’s future urban design centre. The director of the centre expects that both will have more cooperation and exchanges in project and research in the future.

On November 18, 2019, Mario Cucinella visited Tsinghua University and exchanged ideas with Dean of the School of Architecture, Dean of the Architectural Design Institute, Zhuang Weimin, Associate Dean Liu Yulong, and Professor of Green Building Research. The first green building designed by Mario in China is the Energy Center of Tsinghua University. They both have a high degree of consistency in green building and sustainable development. Reducing energy consumption, carrying out a green building revolution, and building a green city are also initiatives of the Chinese government. As the top university in China’s architecture area, Dean Zhuang Weimin expressed the hope to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the future to jointly promote sustainable construction development in China.

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