Mario Cucinella to present the design collection Building Objects

27 Mar 2019

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Building Objects:
Mario Cucinella to present the design collection
inspired by his architectural projects at the Brera Design District

Building Objects is the inspiration by projects turned into objects

Mario Cucinella

Bologna 27/03/2019“Building Objects” is the name of Mario Cucinella Design collection that will be unveiled from April 8th to 14th within Brera Design District 2019 inside the exhibition space of Via Varese 12, in Milan.

“Building Objects” comes from very far and its’ deeply rooted in the culture of the Bauhaus movement, which celebrates this year its centenary. Art as a mean to open up to possible worlds, irreplaceable reference for any learning and design path. This is where the remarkable modernity of the Bauhaus philosophy lies and in this collection it focuses on the fundamental role of the “workshop”.

Architect Mario Cucinella has designed unique pieces of design that take inspiration from the formal and structural elements of specific architectures among which: “The Whale” nursery school in Guastalla (near Reggio Emilia), the Luigi Rovati Foundation Museum, currently under construction in Milan, the Green School designed for the Middle East, the Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Library near Lake Volta in Ghana, and House for Peace in Scanzano Jonico (near Matera).
The final results make the reference partly recognizable and melted within a coherent and organic expressive research for some aspects parallel and for others convergent with the architect’s daily work.

“Building Objects” rediscover the Master Craftsmen through a careful material selection and an ancient manual knowledge refresh, but at the same time it’s the result of an extraordinary development of some production processes based on technological innovation, where 3D printing plays a key role.
The collection is realized together with master glass, marble, solid wood, ceramics, terracotta, brass, texiles, steel and fabric craftsmen: Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso, Rino Greggio Argenterie, De Castelli, Mariantonia Urru, Riva 1920, WASP and Laboratorio Pesaro.

When writing about the Mario Cucinella Design collection, Aldo Colonetti, philosopher, historian, and art, design, and architecture theorist, says: “… these works by Mario Cucinella certainly remind us of where they come from but, at the same time, they offer new points of view and unexpected associations. This way, it’s the spectator who has to “communicate” with each piece to find the common thread according to a cognitive process made up of infinite preliminary stages.”

For information:
Mario Cucinella Design
T +39 051 6313381

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