Katà Métron

08 Sept 2021

2 min

A lighting system created from the collaboration between Mario Cucinella and Artemide, Katà Métron, finds inspiration in the relationship that lies at the heart of art, architecture and philosophy: measurement.

The Greek expression “katà métron” means “according to right measure”. With this expression, the original Greek philosophical thought referred to the attitude of those who know how to take care of themselves. Greek architecture adopts a construction logic based on the idea of “module”, that is the single element which creates the measure of the whole. It is the concept of order as a sequence of repeated elements. Finally, art is the union of philosophy and architecture.

With this idea in mind, Mario Cucinella, designer, founder and creative director of MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects, has designed an object in which the modular light elements can create an infinite number of combinations and shapes, allowing the design of lighting scenarios that are tailored with respect to the spaces and to the needs of the activities that take place in them. Innovation, culture of the project and shared commitment towards the creation of products that are increasingly sustainable and attentive to the use of the limited resources of our planet, lead to an innovative and surprising solution.

Katà Métron combines simplicity, functionality and aesthetics. An object with a linear and unique design, it adopts Sharp Refractive’s patented optical technology, developed to achieve maximum efficiency in a reduced size with UGR <19 in compliance with office lighting regulations. The light segment is characterised by a lens that has been specially designed to intercept 100% of the flux emitted by the LED and control it with minimum dispersions so as to guarantee an efficiency of more than 90%.

This lighting system is available in two pre-set lengths, 60 and 120 cm which can be combined in linear configurations or with 90° and 45° angles to create various configurations in the space. The aluminium body has a black and white finish, which freely matches with the optics that are always white or black.

The suspension lights combine direct Sharp emission with an indirect diffused one. The Refractive technology guarantees perfect glare-free perception, to accurately illuminate any type of project. The indirect diffused emission balances it out and fills the space, enhancing it and adding beauty.

«Katà Métron makes it possible to create lighting micro-architectures that can be adapted to any space, shape and size. Together with Artemide, we have created an object capable of organising and redefining the space that surrounds us according to the most disparate needs» Mario Cucinella

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