José Toral, Gemma Kim, Marshall Blecher, Martina Martino named as jurors in Archello Awards

25 Sept 2023

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As judging in the first Archello Awards draws ever closer (the last day for project and product entries is 29th September 2023), Archello is delighted to introduce four more members from an esteemed panel of jurors.

Martina Martino is the CEO at architectural and design firm Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA). Martino has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the Università Roma Tre and previous research experience at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining MCA, she worked in leadership roles at several international companies in the fields of engineering and real estate development/consultancy.

MCA is focused on architectural design that integrates environmental and energy strategies; the firm’s design practice is informed by its own R&D department. MCA will design Italy’s Pavilion for the Osaka World Expo 2025. Notable architecture projects include the Santa Maria Goretti Church, a sentinel-like building whose entrance forms an external cross, and a playful, wooden rib-like kindergarten in Guastalla, Italy, which replaced two schools damaged by an earthquake in May 2012.

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