Inheritance, Innovation and Vitality

21 Nov 2019

1 min

The main tasks facing urban design in China today have been transformed into the adjustment and improvement of the existing spatial structure of the city, as well as the refined updating and design of the stock environment to enhance the living environment and quality of life. On November 16-18, 2019, the 2019 Beijing International Urban Design Conference, hosted by the Beijing High-precision Innovation Center, the only high-tech innovation centre in China’s urban design field, was successfully held.

With the theme of “Inheritance, Innovation and Vitality”, the conference invited many well-known architects and urban design experts and academicians from around the world to conduct in-depth discussions from various angles.

Mario Cucinella was invited to give a speech entitled “Building Green Future”, calling for the urgency and necessity of implementing the “Green Building Revolutionary Evolution Theory” from the current social and environmental issues of population growth and climate deterioration. He emphasized the search for architectural experience and wisdom from history, innovative technologies and materials, and the development of a circular economy. At the same time, it also borrows plant wisdom from nature, transforms plant complexity and relevance into building intelligence and makes full use of natural energy, respecting natural regeneration to design buildings close to zero energy consumption. In the speech, Mario also showed his projects from Milan to Morocco to Beijing. These projects are all about trying to use architecture as a structural system to learn lessons from historical wisdom and new areas of plant intelligence, establish new relationships with society, local nature and climate.

The speech has been praised and recognized by peers and listeners from all over the world, demonstrating the hope of sustainable global building development in the future.

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