Inauguration Arpae’s New Headquarters

13 Dec 2018

1 min

On Thursday, December 6th was held in Ferrara the inauguration of the new headquarters Arpae, Regional Agency for the Environment and Energy. Although with a considerable delay, on Thursday morning, at the presence of the Mayor Tiziano Tagliani, of the Director of Ispra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) Alessandro Bratti, of the Regional Councilor for the Environment Paola Gazzolo and of the architect of MCA Studio Michele Olivieri, it was finally possible to toast the opening of the structure.

Thanks to the technologies that allow us to recover more than 50% of the energy and thanks also to the 250 square meters of photovoltaic panels, the project, created by Mario Cucinella Architects, represents a symbol of environmental and energy sustainability so much so that the Regional Councilor for the Environment has described it as “a green office” and to such an extent that it has been included in the list of the ten most innovative projects in the world.

The new Arpae headquarters was born from the idea of ​​exploring the relationship between appearance and performance: the building, made entirely of wood, develops around a central courtyard that constitute the core of the complex and functions as a climatic garden. The roof, the so-called fifth façade, is the design element that most characterizes the project, with a series of natural light ducts that give the structure an architectural identity and facilitate natural ventilation. The building complex includes offices, meeting rooms and laboratories that give hospitality to the approximately 90 Arpae employees.

ARPAE images and more information are available upon request:

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