FuoriSalone 2021: light as a matter of architecture

31 Aug 2021

1 min

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2021, Lucifero’s and Mario Cucinella present Iride, a family of projectors with a design inspired by the world of photography, “a metaphor for our eye and our sensitivity to light, an essential element and the beating heart of every environment”.

On Monday 6 September at 6 pm at HI LITE Next in Via Brera 30, Alessandro Duranti, Partner and Project & Development Manager of Lucifero’s, and architect and designer Mario Cucinella, will give life to a dialogue on how light gives shape to space, enhancing its architectural value and becoming itself a free and formal sign in the project, entitled “Light as the material of architecture”.

Le Corbusier wrote that “Architecture is the skilful, rigorous and magnificent play of volumes under light”. Over the course of this century, we have witnessed the temporal extension of everyday visual quality. Darkness has become the blackboard on which to draw new visual forms, leading technology and technique to revolutionise the concept of lighting.

Event with limited number of participants.

For more information michela.margiacchi@luciferos.it

Italian language event

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