Fridays for Future #ClimateStrike 15 mars 2019

14 Mar 2019

1 min

Since August 2018, every Friday, 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg demonstrates in front of her country’s parliament to demand more attention from governments on the environmental issue. His determination has led to the spread of protest throughout the world and has involved thousands of young people who have shared his goals and create “Fridays for Future” movement.

Since last November, many students from different cities around the world have taken to the streets every Friday to ask governments to respect the climate agreements established by the 2015 Paris Conference.

Mario Cucinella Architects supports “Fridays for future” and young people who in 40 countries on all continents are giving life to a formidable push to change governments and policies in favor of a possible future.

Mario Cucinella Architects will join at the global strike of the students of Bologna, on Friday 15 March at 9.00 am in Piazza Maggiore, inviting anyone who wantes to join “to give further strength to the voice of those who – writes Legambiente – do not feel protected facing the serious environmental destabilizations that are already arising and that will keep Showing with increasingly traumatic effects if we do not intervene in propery due time».

«Climate change is already here and the effects are before our eyes: it is urgent to plan adaptation policies that aim to decrease the vulnerability of natural and socio-economic systems and increase their ability to respond (resilience) to the inevitable impacts of a changing climate. On Friday make our voice heard to make it happen!». Fridays For Future – Bologna

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