Digital&BIM Italia 2019

15 Nov 2019

2 min

Digital&BIM Italia 2019 returns to Bologna, an event dedicated to digitization and innovation for the built environment. The event will offer companies, professionals, real estate managers and the Public Administration the opportunity to learn more about the new methods of design, management of construction and maintenance of buildings, and to discover the latest technological trends offered by the market.

  • 5 in depth thematic focus:
  • Digital twins
  • Geospatial, Smart Infrastructure Smart Land
  • Construction 4.0 – Theater of digital transformation
  • BIM e Digitalization
  • Smart data and Artificial Intelligence

The objective of Digital&BIM is to help the sector explore its potential and understand how best to adopt and implement these new technologies, tools and processes to improve profitability and efficiency and create a smarter construction industry.

Friday, November 22, Fabrizio Bassetta, Deputy BIM Manager of MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects will attend the international conference to present the project “H2020 DigiPLACE – Towards an European Digital Platform for Constructions” promoted by Federcostruzioni, ANCE, CECE and Polytechnic of Milano. The European Digitisation Strategy (DEI) has included in the H2020 programming the formation of European digital platforms in different sectors, with a total budget of 300 million euros. Italy (Federcostruzioni, ANCE) has successfully asked the European Commission to include a European digital platform specifically dedicated to the construction sector among its priority sectors.

Program – “H2020 DigiPLACE – Towards an European Digital Platform for Constructions“

  • 10:30 | Opening by conference moderator Riccardo VIAGGI, CECE Secretary General
  • Welcome message by Federica BRANCACCIO, President of FederCostruzioni
  • Gabriele BUIA, Presidente of ANCE  (tbc)
  • 10:40 | “Setting the scene: the EU policy perspective”
  • Ilektra PAPADAKI, DG GROW, European Commission
  • 10:55 | “The challenge of the connection between national and international platforms”
  • Pietro BARATONO, Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, MIT
  • 11:10 | “DigiPLACE Project presentation – What is DigiPLACE?”
  • Alberto PAVAN, Politecnico di Milano, DigiPLACE Project Coordinator

11:30 | “The role of digital platforms in construction: sharing experiences and lessons-learnt for the advancement of DigiPLACE”

  • Paul SURIN, IBM
  • Žiga TURK, University of Ljubljana
  • Nicolas NAVILLE, CSTB
  • Alain ZARLI, ECTP
  • Fabrizio BASSETTA, MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects

12:45 | Closing remarks by Paola DE MICHELI, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport (tbc)

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