Contemporary architecture in Vienna

17 Jul 2019

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In Vienna, in the Viertel Zwei district, near the Prater, the Campus Wu and the Danube, the new project by Mario Cucinella Architects, consisting of two multifunctional towers, will be realized. The planned space is an area of approximately 40,000 m², owned by IC Development, bounded by the Trabrennstrasse to the west, the Vorgartenstrasse to the north and the Krieau trot course to the east and south. The area is completely closed to traffic and is mainly accessible from the Krieau metro station on line U2.

MC A won the second grade of the competition, after a selection involving about seventy teams. […]

The two towers will have two different settings and heights, of about 120 m and 90 m. Both buildings will offer ideal spaces for living and working with high quality standards. The lowest tower, 90 m, has overlapping and staggered floors. The tertiary tower was designed as an iconic building, 120 m high will have a hotel and offices.

«The office and hotel tower is simpler and more pragmatic. – says architect Mario Cucinella – It is characterized by an organic geometry, whose verticality is reinforced by the succession of blades sunshades. The tower has an elliptical plan, a shape designed to follow the direction of the winds, so as not to produce turbulence that could compromise the livability of the spaces on the ground. The tower is equipped with greenhouses. At the base of the two towers a succession of horizontal planes builds the space […] that acts as a mediator between the verticality of the towers and the horizontality of the park».

The basement will house: a kindergarten; a fitness room; a commercial space; two separate spaces for access to offices and residences.

«The idea continues Cucinella – is that of a small vertical town. A garden city that goes up and down from the Prater into the residential tower. The client has combined the quality of the public space with the energy quality of the complex, so he has seen the operation in its global dimension. This is a reasoning that not everyone does. We found ourselves in front of an interlocutor who considers these things as a value also from the point of view of marketing and communication […]».

«In Italy there are capable developers who are beginning to understand the themes of quality of construction and sustainability – says Cucinella – but except for Milan, it’s hard to see masterplans with concepts similar to Viertel Zwei. It’s the usual story: the ambitions are many, but these are not followed by strong actions of customers».

Vienna is becoming a city of contemporary architecture … […]

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