#BDW2019 – Building Green Future: the exhibition dedicated to sustainable architecture and sustainable thinking

18 Sept 2019

5 min

Mario Cucinella Architects, in collaboration with Arcangeli Artistic High School and Frassinago – Gardens and Landscapes, presents the exhibition dedicated to sustainable architecture and sustainable thinking.

Bologna, September 16, 2019 – On the occasion of the two major international events of September 2019 in Bologna, Cersaie and Design Week Bologna, the historical space of Via Cartoleria n° 9 of the Artistic High School Arcangeli, which will host an exhibition dedicated to sustainable architecture and sustainable thinking, will be opened to the public. Building Green Future is the exhibition that, through the most representative works of Mario Cucinella Architects, an international architecture firm with solid experience in design that integrates environmental and energy strategies, focuses on a design philosophy that, starting from places, complicity with the environment, climate and nature, seeks to respond to environmental challenges.

The Artistic High School Arcangeli has always attracted leading figures of artistic and cultural scene and is a stimulus and forge for the enrichment of knowledge, language, creativity and personality. In collaboration with the High School’s Architecture and Environment department, and in particular with some of the students of the course, MC A has created the Building Green Future exhibition.

«I was a student at Liceo Artistico too in Genoa, and it was there that I realised that I wanted to be an architect. In the city lived a cousin who had an architectural firm in the historic center and I was fascinated by that place full of drawings. A passion that I was able to express at school and then at university. – says Mario Cucinella Presenting my work involving the young students of the Arcangeli is like a plunge into the past.  I hope that Bologna’s citizenry and the guests of the exhibition will involve the students, who will be the first narrators of the exhibition, in a careful debate because educating about sustainable thought and culture is one of the current challenges!».

The way in which MC A’s work will be exhibited will be a transposition of the work and the design method of the studio, that is part of its philosophy, and that stretches from the more olistic part of the research to the craftsmanship of study models to sketches, up to the most advanced technologies of parametric modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) and 3D printing and environmental simulations. Study models, sketches, graphic elaborations, diagrams, environmental and bioclimatic studies, renderings, three-dimensional images of BIM models will be on display.

Through a paper sculpture, which like a tree creeps into the large hall of the historic building, the viewer will discover a design philosophy that starting from the places, the complicity with the environment, climate and nature, seeks to respond to the environmental challenges of the present and the needs of future generations, through empathic architectures, which make innovation the result of a creative mixture of past and present green future inspired by plants.

And it will be the plants, the work of Frassinago – Gardens and Landscapes, a company from Bologna that has raised the aesthetic quality and design consistency of green spaces in Italy and abroad, to enrich the exhibition. Plants are the example to look at and the allies to have to ensure the survival and prosperity of man on earth.


Building Green Future is open to the public from 23rd  to 28th of September.

“Centre for the Didactics of the Arts”, Via Cartoleria n° 9, Bologna

Free Entrance

  • Monday 23 September – 15.30 – 23.00
  • Tuesday 24 September – 15.30 – 19.30
  • Wednesday 25 September – 15.30 – 23.00
  • Thursday 26 September – 15.30 – 19.30
  • Friday 27 September – 15.30 – 19.30
  • Saturday 28 September – 15.30 – 19.30


Monday, September 23rd, 7 p.m.



Sustainability as a synonym for future, social innovation, cohesion and value creation. Environmental and social responsibility are topical issues that cannot be overlooked due to their importance for the quality of actual life, but also in the future. At a global level, government forces are working on projects and programmes to tackle climate change, what architecture, school education and municipal administrations can do?

  • Introduction by:
  • Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Diana, Dean of Artistic High School Arcangeli
  • Speakers:
  • Mario Cucinella, Architect and Designer, founder of Mario Cucinella Architects and SOS – School of Sustainability
  • Matteo Lepore, Council Member for Culture, Tourism and City Promotion, Civic Imagination, Sport, Heritage, Digital Agenda of the Municipality of Bologna.

Free Entrance.

Wednesday September 25th, 7.30 p.m.


L’altro Spazio / The Other Space (Italy, 2018)

  • Language: Italian with English Subtitles
  • Duration: 60 minutes

A journey through the internal territories of Italy, to rediscover the roots of a material and immaterial knowledge stratified throughout the millenary history of the country, which is its true DNA. In these places were born the arts, crafts, knowledge that gave life to the cities, with their architecture, their squares, our cultural heritage first, then the manufacturing industry. Today, cut off from the transport networks that connect the large urban centres, these areas have become depopulated and often live in abandonment. A journey that wants to be read without fractures, to make past and future dialogue: a synthesis that contemporary architecture can represent without being imprisoned by the golden cage of History. Written by Mario Cucinella and directed by Marcello Pastonesi and Carlo Furgeri Gilbert.

Free Entrance.

The initiative of the exhibition was promoted by the teachers of the Architecture and Environment Department of the Liceo Artistico F. Arcangeli.

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