Arcipelago Italia lands in Sardinia

04 Jun 2019

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Friday, June 7th, 2019, at the Officina Ex Manifattura Tabacchi in Cagliari will be inaugurated at 18:00 “Barbagia, Arcipelago Italia”, exhibition of the project: the citizens’ house of Ottana, presented at 16. Venice Architecture Biennale, inside the Italian Pavilion curated by Mario Cucinella.

The project ” The citizens’ house. A place for care in the Barbagia“, was one of the six experimental projects presented in the Italian Pavilion 2018. The citizens’ house was curated by the collective which included the architect Simone Solinas, the University of Cagliari, Sardarch and Ascolto Attivo. As if it were a story, it shows some of the needs identified in the places and among the inhabitants of Barbagia. Needs that turn into opportunities and intentions, generating in turn new resources. Matter then becomes a support for these ideas. The project offers a place where the community and the individual are reflected, where it is possible to appropriate a sequence of areas that form part of a complex system located as a hinge-threshold between country and territory, as Ottana proposes to be “centroid” with respect to Barbagia. It is a hybrid building if used within 24 hours, from 0 to 100 years. 

The exhibition, co-produced by Sardegna Ricerche, will be open until July 7th, 2019, and will be accompanied by a series of cultural events.

On the occasion of the inauguration, the documentary “L’altro spazio” by the director Marcello Pastonesi, produced by Someone and Rai Cinema, will be screened. It tells the story of the architect Cucinella’s journey in the internal areas of Italy.


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