A mix by craftsmanship and cutting-edge production technologies: Building Objects

07 Jun 2019

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By Antonella Boisi

Mario Cucinella, inspired by his architectural projects, designs a collection of objects that mix culture, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies.

“I liked the idea of transforming our creative work on buildings into micro-objects that establish other types of relationships with users, other points of view” explained architect Mario Cucinella who had presented the surprising collection “Building Objects” at the 2019 Milan Design Week.

Sixteen unique pieces, including vases, centerpieces, decorated plates, handmade cutlery, free from orders and conditioning, inspired by formal or structural elements of famous architectures designed by him around the world.

“It all started as a divertissement exercise, then a new logo, Mario Cucinella Design, a specific team within the MC A studio in Bologna”, he continues. “We have taken up themes and references from the Etruscan culture on which we are working (Cucinella is creating the Museo Etrusco in Milan for the Luigi Rovati Foundation). But also the experience of the Biennale of Architecture in Venice (Cucinella was curator of the Italian Pavilion 2018) has been a source of inspiration. When we went to discover the internal areas of Italy, it was very interesting to meet the people who live and work there. It meant rediscovering that deep culture of design and materials. A wonderful resource for thinking about tradition in an innovative way”.

The challenge of building this private collection was in fact shared with the most qualified Italian craftsmen specialized in the art of glass, marble, solid wood, ceramics and terracotta, brass, steel and fabric.

“A great challenge was to make the ‘vase of thorns’ with the masters of Vetreria artistica Archimede Seguso who told me that it could not be done: or use the black clay paste printed in 3D and finished in linseed oil to give shape to the sinuous vase inspired by the figure of the Whale in the nursey school of Guastalla. I have brought the attention to the environment and the characteristic materials of my architectures to the idea of preserving and enhancing the heritage of centuries-old knowledge, while at the same time experimenting with cutting-edge production techniques”.

What are the next steps? “For now Building Objects remains on demand, we are defining a digital catalog of online sales. I’d like to expand the line of carpets with Mariantonia Urru and the plate collection, but also to test new products that go back to the paradigms of the circular economy, really stimulating in terms of ethical and aesthetic content.  This collection is very much related to the domestic sphere. In reality, we are also working on office furniture, bookcases, sofas and drawer units”.

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