WSR Camerino Reconstruction

05 Dec 2018

2 min

“WSR is a participatory design laboratory, promoted by the Mario Cucinella Architects in collaboration with SOS – School Of Sustainability, for the drafting of the strategic guidelines for the development of the reconstruction plan for Camerino and its territories.”

This can be read at the opening of the Workshop Reconstruction Camerino, a project that in 2017 involved the young professionals of SOS – School Of Sustainability, Arch. Maria Elena Beccaria Balduzzi, Eng. Elena Biason, the Arch. Martina Ruini, Arch. Kseniya Shkroban, Ing. Alberto Tomasino and the Arch. Laura Zevi, for giving life to a strategy to imagine, together with the inhabitants and institutions of the Commune, the urban regeneration of the city, and to link the likely future to the desirable one.
Objective: to ascertain the state of the arts of the post-earthquake historical center in order to evaluate the actions required for its reconstruction.

“We see reconstruction starting from a future vision, as an intermediate moment of transition between the emergency and the urban and territorial reorganization. An opportunity to rethink and improve the spaces of relationships and everyday life. – the young SOS professionals write on the website – The knowledge of the losses, identity and needs of the local community allows us to imagine, with the participation and listening of the citizens, a resilient, sustainable and regenerative development for today and for tomorrow.”

This and other strategies for post-earthquake reconstruction, together with the fundamental role of the active participation of the inhabitants in these processes, will be discussed by Massimo Imparato, Arch. and Director of SOS, together with Martina Ruini, Arch. Mario Cucinella Architects, (with the scientific contribution of Ascolto Attivo and ARCò – Architettura Cooperazione), during the CAMERINO RECONSTRUCTION WSR meeting on Thursday 6 December 2018 from 15.30 to 17.00 at the Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies.

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