We love working together on our shared visions

We work in a place where we can enjoy the fluidity of the interactions between us, with a layout that encourages the exchange of information. While each of us concentrates on their work, we are doing so immersed in an open space, a shared vision.

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We are a team, a number of people involved in the many projects we create. A fact helping us to develop further, from individual to collective intelligence. The individual’s learning experience becomes that of others, and vice versa. In a setting where research and design come together, the firm is viewed not as a place devoted exclusively to technical research or artistic research but rather as a place open to cultural debate and multidisciplinarity.

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Our firm is built following the idea of a flow that occupies and moves seamlessly through the spaces, expressing two core values: pragmatism and relationships. One has the idea of a collective, in which everyone’s contribution is essential, as are specialisation and the promotion of individual expertise.

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We search for an interpretation of the present, for answers that involve understanding environmental issues, social impact, and climate change in order to provide possible solutions that may or may not be purely technical. In this sense, we are opening up to cultural debate.

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